Turnout Gear Inspection and Routine/Advanced Cleaning

The NFPA 1851 Guidelines, Edition 2008 states “Ensemble and ensemble elements that are issued and used shall receive advanced cleaning at the time of advanced inspection if not subjected to advanced cleaning in the preceding 12 months.”

Paul Davis Restoration has the equipment and training to perform routine and advanced cleaning for fire bunker gear. Our process also includes a thorough inspection of each part of the turnout gear cleaned. Each set of gear is returned with documentation regarding our inspection. Paul Davis Restoration takes cleaning and inspection of fire bunker gear very seriously as soiled or contaminated gear are a hazard to the firefighters as contaminates can be flammable, toxic, or carcinogenic. Additionally, contaminated gear can have reduced protective performance.


All bunker gear will be visually inspected by trained personnel and documented of any potential points of failure, including:

  • Thermal damage
  • Damaged closures
  • Shell damage
  • Stitching damage
  • Reflective damage
  • Punctures, cracking or splitting

Routine/Advanced Cleaning

Paul Davis Restoration uses the Esporta Wash System which was developed for the athletic industry, the soft contents industry, and the fire ensemble and PPE industry. The unique laundering technology cleans and decontaminates fire-resistant Personal Protective Equipment without causing deterioration of the fabrics and therm linings, reducing material reflectivity, or damaging hard goods.

This technology, when used with the prescribed cleaning agents and supported by the specialized training, will result in:

  • Optimum cleaning of ensembles
  • Removal of organic/inorganic contaminants and contaminant build-up
  • Removal of potentially flammable ground-in soils
  • Elimination of insoluble and flammable soap scum
  • Minimal deterioration of reflectivity after repeated launderings
  • Minimal color and strength loss over time
  • Uncompromised thermal protection
  • Efficient and effective cleaning of helmets, boots, ropes, backpacks, and other hard-to-clean ensembles

Contact Lorrie Struve at [email protected] or call Lorrie directly at 402-419-3204 for your fire bunker gear cleanup needs.