Paul Davis Restoration of Lincoln Nebraska, Team 2024

Check out our team of professionals who will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with our work in 2024!

Staff Group Photo 2024

  • Roger Fredstrom - Owner

    Roger Fredstrom

  • Jeff Theobald - General Manager

    Jeff Theobald

    Regional Driver
  • Zach Schroeder - Associate

    Zach Schroeder

    General Manager
  • Charli Richters - Administrative Staff

    Charli Richters

    Office Manager
  • Jennifer Adkins

    Jennifer Adkins

    Cost Accountant
  • Pat Erpelding

    Pat Erpelding

    Cost Accountant
  • Theresa Dubas

    Theresa Dubas

    Director of Business Development
  • Marialuisa Castillo - Laundry Technician

    Marialuisa Castillo

    Admin Assistant
  • Kadee Turner - Productions Manager

    Kadee Turner

    Operations Manager
  • April Deveaux - Contents Technician

    April Deveaux

    Mitigation Manager
  • William Zabel

    William Zabel

    Mitigation Manager Assistant
  • Greg Sander - Senior Associate

    Greg Sander

    Senior Field Estimator
  • Doug Theobald - Senior Associate

    Doug Theobald

    Field Estimator
  • Erik Robart - Associate

    Erik Robart

    Field Estimator
  • Brandon Palmer

    Brandon Palmer

    Field Estimator
  • Moses Ulmer

    Moses Ulmer

    Field Estimator
  • Adam Hassebroek - Project Manager

    Adam Hassebroek

    Project Manager
  • Randy Hoover - Carpenter

    Randy Hoover

    Project Manager
  • Nate Olsen - Project Manager

    Nate Olsen

    Project Manager
  • Cole Graff

    Cole Graff

    Project Manager
  • Matt Severin

    Matt Severin

    Project Manager
  • Anthony Gana

    Anthony Gana

    Project Manager
  • Cindy Thurber

    Cindy Thurber

    Warehouse Manager
  • Yolanda Ortega

    Yolanda Ortega

    Contents Technician
  • Tiffany Hardison

    Tiffany Hardison

    Contents Technician
  • Sonia Ramirez - Contents Technician

    Sonia Ramirez

    Contents Technician
  • Maritza Rodriguez - Laundry Technician

    Maritza Rodriguez

    Laundry Lead
  • Josiah Udell

    Josiah Udell

    Lead Technician
  • Angelo Rivera

    Angelo Rivera

    Lead Technician
  • Dyson Harrold

    Dyson Harrold

    Lead Technician
  • Kimberly Olson

    Kim Olson

    Lead Technician
  • Rachel Lane

    Rachel Lane

    Lead Technician
  • Aaron Wulf

    Aaron Wulf

  • TJ Morrow

    TJ Morrow

  • Bryan Schnakenberg

    Bryan Schnakenberg

  • Jack Lind

    Jack Lind

  • Chris Fox - Painter

    Chris Fox